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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why I Still Use Facebook - Though They Disappoint

I prefer Google Plus. And I've said before that I am on Facebook for the games (those G+ does not have) and those few of my relatives and friends who are not on G+.

But then today, while scrolling through my - what are they calling it this week? Oh yes, my Timeline - I came across a post from (or about) Pam.

You may know her as Raven.

Now, I've known Raven for years, but I only see her (and usually write about her) once a year. She's a massage therapist (and much more, but that's a different post) and she practices that art at +Norwescon  every year. She truly has healing hands.

And now she's in the burn unit at Harborview because of a slow-cooker with a grudge.

So, all you Con folk? Please send good thoughts, prayers, woowoo, whatever you've got to Raven. Sounds like she could use it.

The Soup of Doom happened Saturday (or late Friday night; it isn't clear). And I just now found out on Tuesday evening because of the way Facebook arranges my Timeline.

Not cool, Facebook.