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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ain't No Cure... Wait, Yes There Is...

We all know that I'm somewhat prone to the Winter Blues; Seattle is dreary that time of year. Apparently I'm also prone to the opposite.

We joke that we native Seattleites have webs between our toes, which dry out when the weather gets warm and dry for more than a couple days. But on some level it's true.

I woke up this morning feeling vaguely queasy, lightheaded, super tired, and kind of brain-foggy. I felt feverish (chills, muscle aches) although I do not have a fever, and I was seriously thirsty. I'm a fairly new employee, so I didn't want to just call in sick. So I did what I do for the kids when I think they might be sick, but taking them in to the doctor is impractical: I called the consulting nurse at the hospital.

She looked at my records (I had Lizzy in that hospital so they know me), asked me some questions, and said this: "You might be coming down with something, but honestly, given your one medication and your weight and the weather, I'm going with a mild form of heat exhaustion. My dear, you are dehydrated."

But but but... I drink a ton of water in any case. Every day, me and SparkPeople. "Yes, Mrs GamersBabes, but in this heat you need more." I guess when one spends the day in an air-conditioned office, one does not feel thirsty... until one gets hit in the face with that blast of heat upon exiting.

(And yes, I know I'm a wimp. I'm a Seattleite; we are not built for 85+F for more than a couple days at most.)

But I took a couple ibuprofen, ate breakfast in spite of the mild quease, and have already filled my insulated 24oz cup twice (by 9:30 AM). I still have the headache and some of the muscle aches, and I feel flippin' wiped out, but the nausea and the lightheadedness are gone.