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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Tale of Lily the Lily

Once upon a time, there was a lily named Lily...

Lily was a gift to JennTheGamerMom, from her daughter Lizzy, for Mothers' Day 2013. She was lovely, not yet flowering, but green and frond-y and tall.

And then Jenn took Lily to work, and she did well for a few days, then began to fade. Jenn's boss knows flowers, and told Jenn that Lily needed less water, and more direct sunlight. Jenn arranged this on a fire escape at work, and for a few more days, Lily perked up.

And then faded again, drooping and sad in the summer heat, pale green fronds now yellowy-brown. Jenn's boss said that Lily needed more space to grow, and bone meal to eat, and so Jenn took Lily to Grandma's house, where Lizzy and Grandma and Abby planted Lily in a nice fresh flower bed.

Poem Poster
It is not yet known whether Lily will survive.

But now the Poem Poster that Abby had crafted and given to JennTheGamerMom on that Mothers' Day of 2013... Poem Poster was lonely at Jenn's desk. And so Lizzy made a bouquet of paper flowers to sit near Poem Poster.

Daffodil, Rose, Iris, and the Tulips
Now, these flowers were made with Lizzy's own hands and crayons, as Poem Poster was made on Abby's classroom computer. The flowers are of different types, in spite of the similarity of form. And Jenn has been forewarned by Lizzy that these flowers must not be watered, lest they melt and die.

Thus (perhaps) ends the tale of Lily the lily... until the next chapter.