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Sunday, July 7, 2013


We may - we hope - be moving around November. It's been nearly four years since we moved (thank goog, and we want need more space and a yard would be great, and our rent is kind of ridiculous now and +Laston Kirkland wants to grow veggies (and since our apartment porch faces north there's not a lot of that we can do here).

Anyway, in the hopes that we can move - and my insistence on staying in our school district (part of the reason our rent is so high, but I like this district and its schools and the fact that my mother/babysitter lives nearby) - we've started doing some cleaning for it. Yes, it's early, but we have as I said been here for nearly four years, with two adults and three kids (Leanna is not here all the time but a lot of her stuff is) and a cat.

Today I cleaned out my filing cabinet, in an effort to find an old digital camera, as Abby has shown an interest in photography.

And it was a treasure trove of old games (which I loved but could not find), and things I meant to keep for the kids and they are now old enough for, like cross-stitch beginner kits and Moonbase Commander and my favorite ever Pajama Sam game. I used to work for HumonGTgramatari, so I have several of these old things kicking around.

Out of that one (admittedly legal-size) two-drawer file cabinet, I got fourteen games to keep, a like number of music CDs, my trusty copy of Microsoft Office Small Office Edition, a folder full of the kids' assorted school pics, a gazillion barrettes and hair ties, a binder/clipboard for gaming, and my computer repair kit. That's just what we're keeping. Then there's a bag of assorted computer bits and cables going to a friend of Laston's, a bag of software going to places like Half Price Books or something, and three bags of just... junk.

Oh, and the camera for Abby.

And two (mismatched) socks.