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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Phone is Ringing

Yes. I am 44. And I have had a cell phone with a programmable ringtone in one form or another for oh... fifteen years or so.

I still find them to be lots of fun.

And I'm getting tired of the Sarah Jane Adventures Theme I've been using as my default (all Whovians use the Who theme or the TARDIS materialising (yes, with an 'S'; it's the British spelling. Roll with me here) and I wanted to be a bit different.) I'll come up with something.

While I was looking for said something, I went through the existing ones I have to make sure they were all attached to their callers properly.

My dad's is Peter's Theme from Peter and the Wolf; it's the first music I remember him being associated with. And his name is Peter.

My mom's is one of those ones that goes, "It's your mother! Pick it u-up! You can't hide from me-ee!" and so on. It doubles as an alarm clock.

+Laston Kirkland's is this clip from the game League of Legends. Anyone who knows him will understand why.

Leanna's mom's is the theme from the old PC game Lemmings; it is an old favorite of hers.

Abby's dad's is The Girl From Ipanema; long story involving a role playing game, an elevator, and a troll with a BFG.

And now, the cadre of children who call Abby (and who usually, but not always remember the "not before five on a weekday because Abby's mom is at work" rule) have this ringtone attached to them.

Abby is trying to use this as a reason for her to get her own phone. Nope. Ten years old still. Sorry kid.

Heh - and you can tell that I am taking a week break off from school; this is my first post in two weeks.