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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kid Vid

I don't like most of what Abby likes from the Cartoon Network, which is now available on Netflix Instant Play. Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, and Ben 10 are fine, but the adults can only stand the repetition for so long. Hole In The Wall is clever... the first time. The rest are - as Abby explained when summing up Adventure Time - "adventure, and farting.”

Then we watched the first two seasons of Total Drama (not Cartoon Network) which is an animated (pre-teen-aimed) spoof of shows like Survivor, and Netflix decided that we therefore liked reality TV. Now on our suggestion list for Netflix? Destroy Build Destroy from - you guessed it - Cartoon Network.

I love it.

It's like Junkyard Wars for pre-teen viewers (and teenage - mostly - competitors). I might just possibly even like it more than Abby does.

Also, we have fallen into the bad habit of letting Lizzy watch videos from her bed at night. This started with Fantasia and other not-a-story videos of the type (classical music plus pretty pictures), and it was in lieu of a lullaby mix. Over the past few weeks it's (d)evolved into pretty much any preschool show that we have on DVD.

This is Not Okay, especially for someone like Lizzy, who's not a terrific sleeper to begin with. But cutting her off cold turkey won't work; she will feel like she's being punished and that's not fair to her (not to mention that I would like to sleep now and then too, which I cannot do if she is awake.

Which she will be, if she has nothing to fall asleep to.

So in the interest of family harmony, Lizzy and I have made a deal: As soon as it comes in the mail (Wednesday) she will be watching only the sleepytime episodes of things at bedtime (the one in the link is NOT the one we ordered). And the hope is that we can slowly wean her off the TV-as-lullaby this way.

Right now we're watching Mulan.