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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Like Mother, Like Daughter


Lizzy went in for a filling today, and came out with a pulpotomy and a filling, and antibiotics pumped directly into the tooth being -otomied.

She's five years old, for crying out loud; she doesn't need this.

Now, of course, this is a baby tooth, but it's too far back in her mouth for them to pull it at her age; the adult one would not grow in for something like five years.

So the hope is that with this pulpotomy/antibiotics, the infection in the nerve will not spread to other teeth.

Looks like a soft foods kind of day for Miz Liz. Mac-n-cheese and yogurt and applesauce. I'll get some on the way home from work.

Because, yeah, I'm at work. Love my new job, a little freaked that Grandma had to take Lizzy to the dentist, but I love my new job. You know why? There are lots of reasons; nice company culture, friendly people, proximity to home, ability to do my own thing (like blog posts, or school) during breaks, interesting subject matter, doing something sort of important (I'll be supporting surgical lasers once my training is complete). But most of all, here's why I love my job:

Because they have absolutely no problem allowing Lizzy to come get a post-op hug from her mommy.