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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Oh, For Heaven's Sake

Now +Laston Kirkland has an eye infection, and Lizzy has a fever. Whose dolly did we bust?

It's unusual for me to be the healthiest one in the household. And it's my last week of this class, so I don't have time to sit around taking care of sick people. Of course, Laston's isn't really a sickness, and neither is Abby's, but Lizzy is clingy when she's sick.

As long as she clings while I type, I guess.

The Hubs had an appointment on Tuesday, but since he wasn't sure which day they could get him in, he requested Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

They gave him all three. And they wouldn't take the other two back when he said his appointment was on Tuesday. So he has gotten a lot done; dishes, floors, laundry room, bathrooms, the laundry itself. That last is his least favorite chore, but as long as I sort and fold he's willing; he just doesn't do well at keeping track of what belongs to whom. Especially when Abby wears a small ladies or an XL girls, and Lizzy wears a small girls and Leanna an XL women's. It makes what-belongs-to-whom difficult for him to decipher.

But he did wash it and dry it and hang certain things, and woo hoo! One less thing for me to do after work Which frees me up for things like Lizzy's Spanish class end-of-year concert, or her Pre-K graduation.

We went to that this morning, the graduation, and she was fine. A little squirrely, but for Lizzy that's a symptom of excitement, nervousness, fatigue, you name it. So we thought nothing of it.. Until this afternoon when suddenly she's in 102F territory after lunch.

This is too fast for Mommy.