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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Busy Summer Day

Abby and Lizzy were both pains in the neck when we set off for Abby's four days and three nights of horse camp with the Girls Scouts of Western Washington today. I can only surmise they were picking at each other  for the same reason I used to pick fights with my mom the day we'd go to my dad's house for the weekend as kids (and especially as adolescents). Apparently this is a fairly well-known psychological phenomenon; if you are angry with a person then you don't have to feel bad about leaving them.

Anyway; after I threatened them with dire consequences if they didn't shape up, we went out for our promised lunch out on the way to camp (Sushi Connection is more expensive than our usual Sushi Hana, but it sure is tasty). They were good as gold there, and then we drove the rest of the way. Everything went smoothly for once, except that I had tossed the box the fresh new epi-pens came in, and therefore lost the proof that they are Abby's prescription.


So I promised the camp nurse that I would get proof and scan it and email it to her, and she decided that was okay. I'm sure my lovely workplace will let me use their scanner; they're very nice about that sort of thing.

So we came home (with the bribe promise of a mango smoothie for Lizzy; she doesn't get mango often although she loves it, because it's on Abby's list of allergens - related to cashew - so we rarely have it). We picked up yesterday's mail and noted that Abby's report card had arrived.

Oh. My. God. This is amazing.

Our school district grades from 1-4 in elementary school; Abby is a pretty consistent 3 ('at grade level') student as a rule. She's always struggled with reading and writing though. Until this year. Until this trimester really, because her scores - while better than they had been - still barely hit 3 until Spring Trimester.

She still has 3's in many things, but only one 2 ('working toward grade level') in spelling. which surprises no-one. And a sheaf of 4's ('above grade level') in science, math, reading comprehension, and social studies (she really really liked the game they played for social studies. This is the child who came home from school shrieking, "Mom, guess what? I almost died of cholera today!")

That's my girl!