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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Putting on my Mommy Fandom Hat


That ought to do it. Now the actual spoilers won't show in the summary of the blog post. I hope.

News today is that Matt Smith's Doctor will regenerate into the 12th Doctor at the end of this year's Christmas special.

I'll be sad to see him go.

But some of my fellow fans have gone completely around the bend, saying they'll "get" Steven Moffat, or boycott Who, or even the BBC, and seriously?

As the good Doctor himself said to Amy and River in Flesh and Stone, "Get a grip," ladies (and yes, I did say 'ladies'; the fans I see freaking out over this are female - or at least they present as female online).

Now, I'm not scolding people like my friend Amie from France, who is kind of shocked and sad. Good thing it's a weekend because it's 12:30AM for her. She's a fan, and she's sad, and she isn't ready (although, like me, she has faith in the show-runner's ability to give Eleven a great send-off, maybe even let him stay with his wife in the Data Core, and... ahem! I digress). But Amie's a reasonable human being, even if we are chatting about this in another tab well after her bedtime; she's not the one threatening people and corporations.

Me? I'll miss him (though there's always Netflix). I think he's adorkable, I think he's the most appropriately alien Doctor since Four, and I think he does ancient-sad-eyes-in-baby-face better than anyone on TV... perfect for the Doctor.

The man is thirty years old and he's been doing Who for four years. He wants to branch out, do other things (besides the other three things - two films and a short TV series - I've seen him in). He has a movie in the works. He's a good actor.

And you two, over there, on your high horses because he "lied to you?" For the love of fish custard, yes, he did lie, when asked whether he would be in the series in 2014. So what? Acting - like many other professions - has non-disclosure agreements and trade secrets. He was told to lie about it, and - since he is a good actor - you believed him. Get over it.

Besides, if you "get Steven Moffat," (or boycott the BBC) what'll happen with Sherlock? Don't do that to yourselves.

You people are what my mom was afraid of when I first started role-playing games.

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