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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers' Day... of BOOM!

Laston signing a book at Norwescon
We're still not in the money, and I have a ton of homework, and +Laston Kirkland is feeling displaced from his native (sort of) Texas (this sentence got away from me; displaced Texan ties into the theme for tonight's dinner), and Miz Liz is still getting over the crud. So we're having a quiet Fathers' Day at home, having called or emailed or otherwise let our respective fathers know we love them. Abby did the same for her dad, and Leanna called here.

And I tried my hand at Cajun cooking, with (you can insert the word 'Cajun' in front of all these foods except the salad): Shrimp over rice, deviled eggs, meat pies, lite Caesar salad. The kids of course - not caring for spice - had the salad and the rice, and chicken nuggets instead of shrimp.

Thank goodness for pre-mixed Cajun seasoning.

It was a qualified success; the Father in question liked it all except the meat pies, about which he was meh. Needs more filling and less crust. No worries there; we've got half the filling left and a second box of pre-made pie crust. My cholesterol count for the day sucked, but I've been very good since I started SparkPeople a few days ago, so one day of six more milligrams than my upper limit won't hurt.

Because Abby is here, and Lizzy's still a bit sick, we've been hanging around the house, indulging ourselves in an Are You Afraid if the Dark? marathon. All day. So when just as we finished dinner there was a loud explosion of thunder, we can be forgiven for jumping a foot in the air. Yes, we live in Seattleish, and yes, it does rain here quite a lot (though not as much as claimed by the popular media). But thunderstorms in this half of the state are unusual, and out of a clear blue sky even more so. This one was loud, and kept going on and on; I was reminded of the Nisqually earthquake in the way I kept expecting it to be over and it wasn't. Then three or four smaller peals of thunder, and that was it.

No lightning. No rain.

Just one big explosion and a few... aftershocks.

Well, we know that dads - at least the dads I know - love to BSU. I choose to attribute the thunder as Mother Nature's way of honoring the dads.