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Saturday, March 9, 2013

She's an Original

It's been quite a week.

I started a new job (yay! I love it, aside from the commute), Lizzy was sick (just like the last time I started a new job; I think they do it on purpose), Abby is over pinkeye, I got over pinkeye, I'm a little behind on my school work, we went our Annual No-Spouses-No-Kids play, (this year we had Trouble, my friends, right here in River City. Really well-done Trouble), it's cookie season, Abby's in the school play so there are rehearsals every night after school. And I caught Lizzy's cold. At the moment I sound like a foghorn.

When I am working, the Hubs steps up, although it takes him a few days to adjust to the carer role. At the moment, he's on a cleaning kick, which the kids interpret as "daddy's going to throw away our stuff." This does not exactly match the actuality, which is "find a place for this to go that is not the floor or the dining room table, or I will throw it away." But that's how they see it, so there's some angst involved. He's so very in the Daddy role right now that the neighbor's baby crying woke him up last night; I didn't even hear it.

So my plan for today was laundry and homework and preparing easy-to-cook things for the upcoming week so we can crockpot and go. Good, I can sleep in.

Except that Lizzy wants to chat, and she crawls into bed with me and starts babbling away about what they're learning about at her preschool, which is Australia (and thank google she has mostly outgrown the Elmer Fudd Rs).

"We are learning about Australia. Australia has kangaroos and koalas and they say g'day mate for good morning and it's on the other side of the planet but we learned about planets last month, remember?" (Here she takes a deep breath). "And the first people there are called Aboriginals and is that 'cause they're the original people? And platypuses are from Australia and they draw funny pictures for some of their writing like a campfire looks like a target without a dot in the middle and they have x-ray art."

My eyes weren't even open yet. I was lying there wondering how the platypuses draw funny pictures and whether the kangaroos and koalas are greeting each other with g'day mate.

Organized she's not. But she retains well.

And my brain hurts.