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Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Two-Week Hiatus This Time

Well, most likely.

Two more weeks until I am officially a college graduate, with my Associate of Arts in Communications. On Easter Sunday. Which also happens to be my anniversary this year and (as is usual) the last day of Norwescon. As a rule, we go for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and then spend Sunday doing Easter with my family. Busy busy. Then I have a break for a week and a half (just a couple three-day workshops, ungraded) before I start my Bachelor of Science in Intercultural Communications. Somewhere in there I also have to apply for extra grants because any student loans I don't have to pay back are a bonus.

Image Editing (aka Photoshop 101) isn't difficult, but as I am doing it on the school's virtual desktop, it's super time-consuming. Citrix is all well and good, and I'm thrilled we don't have to buy Photoshop for the class, but it takes forever to do anything.

Mass Communications is a great class, and I love it. Rather more challenging than the other Comm classes though. And there's always the amusement factor of, "Jenn! Did you say Ass Communications? I don't even know what that is!" from the 12yo stepdaughter (who then blushed about ten shades of red and apologized for saying "that adult word that means butt." Poor baby; she was so sure she'd be in trouble for that, but it was an honestly misheard word.)

And then there's work. Work! Work work work! I heart it. I'm having a little trouble with the learning curve, because watching someone else demonstrate how something works does not suit my learning style. But the minute we have practice time and I can just ask questions about those things I didn't soak up in the demonstration part of the day, I do okay. Not the best of the bunch, but not the worst either.

Marvelous and fantastic,
mystic and delightful
Oompa Loompa Abby
Girl Scout Cookie season is almost over (just a couple more people to deliver to, and money to give to the Cookie Lady for our troop). We had a fun time, and I think Abby sold considerably more cookies to support GSWW and Operation Cookie Drop this year than last.

The school play Abby was in went super well (if a bit too quiet for lack of enough mikes), both Thursday and Friday nights, and maybe since those two things are over I'll actually get some sleep, which should help the learning curve at work as well.

Oh, and did I mention I have pinkeye? Again? I seem to have reinfected myself. Lovely.