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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Isn't it Beautiful?

My husband is a published author. You all knew that.

But look at this. Isn't it lovely? +Laston Kirkland's writing and +Nadica Boskovska's cover art combined.

$2.99 (US) on Kindle.

I've read several rough drafts - I'm the front line editor - but I have yet to read the finished work. I'm so excited!

A few things I have learned... yes, it is available on and I also tried the Spanish store ( and it is available, but it has not been translated; it's still in American English there. I have not tried the other amazon stores.

It is now searchable in all the amazon stores I've tried it on.

It's Young Adult Science Fiction - call it rated T-for-Teen.

And most importantly, it's written by my husband, and dedicated to the three daughters we share. And published in time for Norwescon.