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Monday, March 4, 2013

School Daze

Leanna is sitting at our dining room table, doing her math. She's good at math, but this is harder than it might seem, because we have three kids and 1100 square feet. However, there is a TV moratorium during homework, so it's only other children's homework distracting her.

Abby is rummaging in the kitchen for recipes to read, because March Madness in the fourth grade equals one reading activity for each day of the month. Today she has read a recipe, directions on how to make something, a silly poem, and a picture book to a younger child (and Fox in Socks is perhaps a bit ambitious for her). She's working ahead because between the school play rehearsals and Cookie Sales Season, she doesn't have a lot of free time. And her grade has a concert tomorrow night as well.

Lizzy is thrilled because she got to stay at her Montessori school for Kindergarten today and she gets to tomorrow as well. This is because my new job was going to start today and my mom (my child care provider) is out of town. So she was going to stay late, and when the new job moved up to a Wednesday start date, she was sorely disappointed that she might not be able to stay. So stay, great, gives me a chance to do my school work without interruption.

Right. My school work. A visual person I am not. I pretty much make Crop and Red-eye Reduction my tools of choice. But the Image Editing class is required for an AA in Communications. I'm getting there, but I am slow and not particularly good at it.

And the Hubs is writing a story, having another one edited, teaching himself Blender and SketchUp and AutoCAD 123D, and generally living to learn. It's what he does, and at the moment his focus is on learning the tools.