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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Well, Isn't THAT Interesting...

 This is my eyes last Saturday. They had not improved by Monday so I went back into the doctor - my own this time - to see whether they could do anything  about it. They checked all the usual suspects - history, vitals, etc. - and decided that it was fairly likely I had bacterial pinkeye, rather than just viral. Since I had a low-grade fever, this was further evidence for a bacterial infection. Here, use these in your eyes four times a day; you won't be well by Wednesday but things should be looking and feeling a lot better. And don't forget the followup on Friday morning.

They weren't. Better, that is.

They still weren't on Thursday morning when I put the drops in at eight. And they were still that bright flaming red, not just pink, and not only red where the burst vessel is, either. Maybe even worse than Saturday or Monday, but certainly not better. At all.

At noon I used the drops, and it wasn't until about three hours later that I realized I had only used the artificial tears rather than the antibiotic drops. But now my eyes look like this. Barely pink in both, and even the red from the burst vessel is clearing up. Huh. Go the Hubs to verify ("yep, they look a lot better") and look the Rx drops up on the Internet. Okay, so side effects include redness, itching, burning (check, check check). Allergic response to said antibiotic can include... redness, itching, burning, and swollen eyelids.


Do I discontinue use of the antibiotic drops until tomorrow's followup appointment, and just use the artificial tears? I think yes, but I'm waiting on a call back from my doctor.

Because I'd rather not look like this, no matter how much Lizzy wants me to. For Halloween, you understand.

ETA: Doc just called back. I should hold off on the antibx drops until she can re-evaluate tomorrow. Good.