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Monday, February 11, 2013


It's been over a week since my last post.

I find it a trifle ironic that I suddenly have no time to blog, just as I start the two classes most likely to be of use in blogging - Mass Communications and Image Editing.

Maybe it's not irony so much as coincidence (I get that mixed up), because last week was a doozy.

Normally, I have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on my own, while everyone else is at school or work, to get a head start on my schoolwork, do my job hunting, etc. Then I can relax a bit by the time the Hubs is at home on Thursday and Miz Liz is only gone in the mornings.

But not last week.

Last week the Hubs broke a tooth, Abby stayed home with a cold, Leanna stayed home with a cold while her mom worked (although she was no distraction; when she's sick she just sleeps).  Everyone was home, in my space even when I wore earphones, and all I wanted was a little peace and quiet to do my Image Editing homework (it's not difficult, but it requires concentration and is time consuming). We also had our taxes done - thanks for watching Lizzy, mom!) once the big girls were back in school.

How do people who stay home by choice manage it?

And I'm still getting over walking pneumonia.

Abby's 4th grade class is hosting a potlatch tomorrow and she needed help procuring the supplies and assembling her projects (she is the representative for Art and Symbols). I sent an email to a local gallery asking if I could use the images on their web site for her class project. I spell-checked her typed paragraph for the project myself (because poor Microsoft Word's dictionary has no idea what to give as suggestions for words like droings or sklpshrs. The child hates vowels).

I helped Lizzy assemble a u-u-Unicorn and explained that no, dwarves are not the ones who protect your lawn; those are gnomes. This conversation came about because her pre-k class is finishing up a unit on the Solar System, and somewhere in there she heard that Pluto is a dwarf planet ("but it didn't used to be, Mom, it was a regalar planet for a long time."). This led to a new-found love of an old favorite of mine (below), and now she can't get to sleep without the disc for the whole bloody series playing in the background.

So yeah, all that? The usual Mommy stuff writ large and most of us sick and taxes and even the cat has the cold now and... it was a busy week.

I still think it's not technically irony though.