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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sorry, Honey

Abby (10) wants desperately to be Gryffindor-brave. But instead she is Hufflepuff-kind.

This is true in general; the child is not a leader, she's usually the peacemaker among her friends, and when she thinks we're not looking, she's pretty unfailingly kind to her annoying little sister (who is probably a Ravenclaw like her mother, but that's another post).

This was brought home to me today, when Abby and I were on our way to the craft store to get supplies for her school project. They're hosting a potlatch as part of their social studies unit, and she is in charge of "art and symbols". We discussed her class, and who was doing what part of the potlatch, and she mentioned that one of her classmates is "not really my kind of person, but is okay, I guess." All well and good, until she says that her best friends aren't in her class anymore, and she misses them (one moved back to India with her family and the other is in a different class). And her almost-best friend ("Anna") in her class is jealous of her friendship with their mutual best friend ("Sally").

Got that? Abby and Anna are in the same class, and they both miss Sally being in their class as she was last year.

Abby and Anna are friends, but Anna is jealous that Abby and Sally are friends too.

To complicate matters, Sally is in a class where she only has morning recess with Abby and Anna three days a week. They have afternoon recess together every day.

So I asked Abby how she was dealing with this and she said, matter-of-factly, "Oh, I made a schedule for us."

A schedule.

"Yeah, so it's fair. On Monday and Tuesday, Sally does not have our recess, so Anna and I practice our play parts." (they're both Oompa Loompas in their school's production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). On Wednesday Anna and Sally play together at morning recess, and on Thursday Sally and I do. On Friday and afternoon recess we all play together."

Again, all very matter-of-fact.

Problem-solving, striving not to hurt others' feelings, methodical, organized, kind, and loyal.

Sounds like Hufflepuff to me.