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Friday, February 15, 2013

She Can't Win for Losing

First it was a cold sore, then that spread to her eyelid. Then she had a cold, and now...

Now Abby has pinkeye. In both eyes. ("Infected eye snot, Mom? Ewwwwwwww!")

This is not Abby's year.

Her dad suggested that her warranty was only good for ten years. I wonder if it's the extra extracurricular activities. I mean, we have always planned it so she's not over-scheduled; we have Girl Scouts once a month, and gymnastics (previously swimming) once a week. You hear horror stories of kids who do too many things, and burn out before they hit puberty. I didn't want Abby to be that kid, and her dad agreed, and so that worked out well.

But now she's in the school play, and it's cookie season, and every other kid in her school has something, and so... two drops, per eye, four times a day. And lots of hand sanitizer.

And a few on-sale-after-the-Valentine-Holiday M&Ms. To help the medicine go down.

Oh, and that too... a DVD of Mary Poppins I ordered (Lizzy has never seen it) came in today.

A nice, quiet evening, of homework and lasagna and all three of the girls lined up to watch "that lady who sings the Do Re Mi song too."