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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Respite of Sorts

Between training at my new job, finishing my Associates degree on Easter Sunday, celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary ditto (and Easter brunch), Norwescon this weekend, +Laston Kirkland's book publishing, children's plays and cookie sales and school and projects and Mom-where's-my-green-sweater-so-I-don't-get-pinched and egg hunts and google-only-knows, and the repeated depredations of colds and pinkeye, March has been... exciting.

And about as full-tilt, run-on as that sentence just above, links included.

But our main tool is offline at the moment, so it's a good time to catch up.

A few real screamers this week, one from Abby: "But I can't go to bed! I need to kill a cow so I can plant another one and make room for more ocelots!"

One from Lizzy: "Mommy, don't ever go to the moon. I want you to keep loving me." When asked why a lunar adventure would preclude parental love, she said, in that eye-rolling teenage way she's picked up from her older sisters, "Because, mom, the book says the mommy loves the baby to the moon and back, so if you never go, you won't stop loving me. Duh."


And one from a barista; she asked me what my plans for the weekend are and I told her I was graduating with my AA. She said, "Um. I thought AA was like a lifetime thing. I didn't know you could graduate from it. Congratulations!

Um, no. Not that AA. An Associate of Arts. In communications. Which I apparently did not do well with you... communicate, I mean.

And tonight after work I go to Norwescon! My parents have paid for a room as a graduation gift, and my fairy godmother gave me some cash ditto, which I intend to spend on the services of this wonderful lady, there at the con.

Add in the usual Norwescon fare, and polishing up these papers, and I'll be dead dog tired but happy by the end of Sunday.