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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Tomorrow is my first day back to work in about 17 months. Today was Lizzy's fifth birthday. So of course she and I spent it running all over town to get last-minute security forms for getting a badge made. We got to have this little gem of a conversation:

Lizzy: Mommy, how do we bo?
Me: Bo? You mean bowl?
L: No, bo. You said we're going Boeing.
Me: Uh... we're going to Boeing. It's named after a person, not an action.
L: He must have been a very good bo-er. 

Then we met Grandma and Auntie and Cousin at Lizzy's favewit restawonk - Red Robin. This is because Red is her second favorite color, and her middle name is Robin. Uh-huh. Abby's not feeling terrific; she's cold and has a headache and a stuffy nose. The stuffy nose has been going on for a few days but with Abby you never know if it's allergies, and this afternoon she got the headache and this evening she got the chills, and now her temp is 102F.

Back to School 2012
I get the Bad Mommy Award because they're still staying overnight with Grandma tonight; although she managed to convince my brain that Abby's just as fine with her as with me, and that it's better if I don't roust a sick child out of bed at oh-dark-thirty to go to Grandma's because I have to work (Yeah, I can see that, "Um, hi, I'm Jenn, the chick you just spent four weeks and ungodly amounts of cash vetting to make sure I'm not a spy or an evil hacker or something, and I can't make it in 'cause my kid's got a cold!" Um, no.), in spite of what my brain and my gut know, my heart is freaking out (my baby!).

Based on her symptoms and family history, she has a cold, maybe a sinus infection. I'm not worried about her faking anything; not only was she with us the whole time, she likes school. So I will call her in sick, and if she still has a fever tomorrow Grandma will take her to the doctor (Grandma has all permissions). But it still freaks me out.