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Monday, September 3, 2012


This is the sort of week that makes more than a few of my online friends say things like, "I'm tired just reading that!" Part of this is that I write it all out, not to make myself look like Supermom, but because it's the only way for me to keep track of it all. So even little things that can be done while other things are in process - like running a load of laundry while doing the dishes for instance - are separate entities on the list. But the basics are this: Tomorrow is the first day of school and Lizzy's fifth birthday (and no, she's not going to kindergarten; we could have tested her in but we don't think she's socially ready, although she is academically. She wouldn't be able to sit still even to the limited extent they require of kindergartners, so she's staying at her Montessori preschool another year. We love them.) Wednesday is my first day back to work after nearly 17 months of unemployment. And this is my last week of F&^king Algebra, assuming I pass the class, which I should. Then on to F&^king Algebra Part Two, but that's a separate issue.

Let's just say that there's a fair bit of labor going on this labor day at Chez Gamers' Babes. For the past four days I've been washing and sorting this plethora of clothing Grandma and Grandpa K sent, checking for fit, deciding what's appropriate for school, etc. Abby's idea of appropriate and her dad's are different, but as long as her Goth remains perky-Goth I'm okay with it, even at nine. If it gets darker we'll have to have A Talk, especially with her dad; he's not unreasonable so if it goes too far for him it is likewise not unreasonable to clamp down. Her back-to-school choice this year skirts (ha!) the edge of how far I'm willing to allow; it's a plaid skirt, black hello kitty knee socks, and a black tee that says, "I Heart (where the heart is a hologram that switches to a set of vampire teeth) Vampires". A picture will be posted tomorrow.

Lizzy's back-to-school clothing choice is more... well, it's younger. Jeans and a green flowered top. But as it's her birthday and the first day of preschool for the year there's a fair bit of stuff that needs to happen. Because it's "little kids" we need a change of clothes, because it's a school in an old farmhouse with cold floors we have to pack slippers, like that. And Birthday Treats (on the first day), and we decided on donut holes; they're small and cheap and the teachers can dole them out as needed. So all that is packed and ready to go.

And today Grandma took them to get their hair cut. Abby's been nagging for color, but neither her dad nor I are comfy with hair color over and above natural highlights in someone so young, at least not during the school year (Kool-Aid rinses in the summer? Be my guest). But Grandma was willing to pay for clip-in extensions; Abby got two, one in a burgundy that looks like it could be natural, and one in a purple that is definitely not. Lizzy got one, in dark blue, and they both got their hair cut (Abby's in her usual inverse bob and Lizzy's at just below her shoulders). Who knew that Lizzy's hair blew out straight? It's a good thing she wasn't wearing those jean shorts that make her look about eight today or I'd have thought they were both starting fourth grade!

So... today I'm finishing all that laundry and putting it away. Getting as much done of my school work as I can for the week. Running the dishwasher (the Hubs emptied and reloaded it while I was out of the house), packing Abby's lunch and making other lunch things (like hard-boiled eggs) and dinner for tonight. The clothes are already laid out for tomorrow morning. Mmm - taking the bacon out of the freezer, setting alarms for an hour and a half before school, making sure everyone goes to bed on time.

Tuesday I take Abby to school, take Lizzy to school and drop off all her stuff, birthday and otherwise. Meet my mom for our last breakfast-without-kids for awhile, get my own stuff ready for Wednesday, pick Lizzy up at preschool. Pack a bag for the girls including Abby's lunch, wait for Abby to get home from school, provide a snack and homework time (if no homework yet then reading for twenty minutes), take them out to Lizzy's birthday dinner with my mom, from which they go to my mom's house (she offered to take them overnight before my first day of work so I only have myself to get ready in the morning).

Whew! Now I'm tired just reading that!