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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The New State Religion

In my state at least.

The religion is Super Bowlism, and the Seahawks are its prophet.

I am not making fun of a real religion here. I am making fun of us.

Seattleites in general.

Now I am not a sports fan - I'm the nerdly type - but I am a fan of my community, and when the 'Hawks make the Super Bowl I'm pretty pumped about it.

But some of these people scare me.

Abby's elementary school has a trophy they give to various classrooms on a weekly basis. This is usually for good behavior, exceptional test scores, stuff like that. This week it's given to the class with the most Seahawks Spirit.

They even suggested what we should have the kids wear to show said spirit. If we were the kind of family that went to every home game that would be fine. But we don't have jerseys with our favorite players' numbers (or favorite players for that matter) around the house, and I refuse to buy each family member a t-shirt for $25 that they will wear once and never again (except maybe Sunday).

So we are contenting ourselves with clothes and hair ties and earrings in the appropriate colors.

I just hope it doesn't brand us as heathens.

And that the Seahawks kick Bronco ass.