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Saturday, January 25, 2014

All Around the Internet, the Girl Scouts Sell their cookies

But they are not allowed to do it on their own, because they are still small children in many ways.
  • Feel free to email me with orders (I will give a drop dead date later; I've left the paperwork somewhere)
  • Payment is not required (or even allowed, unless you are buying only for Operation Cookie Drop) until delivery. Check or cash only.
  • Cookies are $4 a box. Yes, I know they may be cheaper in other parts of the country; that is regional and out of our control
  • There are six flavors available this year; they did a study and these are the most popular:
    • Thin Mints
    • Samoas
    • Tagalongs
    • Do-si-dos
    • Savannah Smiles
    • Classic Trefoils
  • The West Coast uses Little Brownie Bakers when you go for nutrition or allergen information.
And now a message from our Girl Scout:

Dear Mom's Internet Friends:
Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies? They are only four dollars a box or you can give donations to Operation Cookie Drop, which gives cookies to our people fighting in wars and stuff. Thin Mints and Samoas are the most popular. Thin Mints are really good frozen and they make delicious shakes.Trefoils are really good with jam and if you don't like mint, still try the Thin Mints; they're really good. Thank you.


Personal Note: Abby has been super girl-scouty in the last week or so, with her stepdad and me both down for the count. I'd like to reward that behavior, and if I can reward good Scout behavior in a good Scout manner, so much the better. Please consider buying cookies or making a donation to Operation Cookie Drop.