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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

More Sad and a Little Happy

Abby is faking it until she makes it on the cheerful-about-moving-to-a-different-school front. She's still pretty royally pissed off, but also kind of resigned, and is somewhat mollified that she knows a few people there already. When I told her the office ladies remembered her from kindergarten, she blushed and grinned and stopped saying how mad she is at the school district.

At least Lizzy is happy, because her teacher sent home Dazzle the Dolphin (their class's stuffed toy mascot) with her. We're to bring Dazzle and his accouterments back on Friday.

Although just to complicate maters it turns out that Abby and Lizzy will be in different schools for the rest of this school year, because of kindergarten overflow. This is my fault, me and the vast hordes of other people who took advantage of the Great Power Outage of December 2006... there are a lot of six-year-olds in our area right now.


Anyway, we seem to be getting over the huge shock of the whole thing and into the beginnings of being able to see our silver linings.

I'm kind of surprised Abby hasn't jumped all over this as a reason she needs her own phone.