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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Something is Really Piling Up around Here

And it's not snow.

It's just the constant influx of minor and medium annoyances, injuries, and illnesses associated with this move.

Because whose dolly did we bust?

As I said, none of this is huge. There's just an awful bloody lot of it.

So in addition to all the... stuff in those links up there, +Laston Kirkland threw his back out about a week ago. This is not entirely unexpected; we're neither of us in great physical shape, and he's done his own stuff as well as a bunch of mine because I was also injured and ill.

So the plan for today was for him to take it kind of easy and direct from his chair while I finished assembling Lizzy's bed and Abby & Lizzy put things away. I'm taking Abby to a sleepover later

Yeah, no.

I overslept (cough is mostly gone and most of the bruises are too; the toe just gets throbby by the end of the day. I have stopped taking the narcotics for both conditions and therefore did not sleep well). When I got up at 11, the Mister's had another back spasm, this one so bad that he's actually willing to go to the doctor. He has his own narcotics left over from dental work, so he takes one and we all pile into the car (I'm driving).

We take him to the mini-E.R. and rather than make Bouncy McGee Lizzy stick around there two days in a row (she was there yesterday when Gramma had an earache), and because Lizzy and I have not eaten, we head to McDonald's.

It took 22 minutes to get two Happy Meals and a grownup meal. When asked what was going on - I've worked fast food and I am sympathetic - the assistant store manager says,  wryly, "Gosh, a lot of people sure called in sick - must be Seahawk Saturday." <snort> We eat, pick Laston up, and head to the pharmacy for his muscle relaxants. He has essentially sprained his back, and the Rx is for muscle relaxants, ice, heat, rest, and yoga. This matches Lizzy's diagnosis ("Mommy broke her toe and Daddy thprained his back,") but she had no useful suggestions for treatment.

We head home to drop L&L and grab Abby's bag for her sleepover.

And there is no freaking power.

My phone is completely dead, because as cool as my new table is, it's awfully easy to accidentally unplug the USB cable and therefore not charge said phone overnight.

For crying out loud.

Laston decides he may as well come with us - he wants to do some shopping anyway. He'll stay in the car if it hurts too much, or use the cane that we borrowed from my mom (thanks, Mom!) if it doesn't. We have time to kill before we drop Abby, and there's quite a lot we've needed since we moved. Costco it is.

And we're doing very well, everybody's great until Laston gets brushed by some random child and twists wrong as he turns to see what bumped him. The people at Costco are very nice as he's gasping for air and leaning heavily on a pile of bagged hickory heating pellets, and they bring us a wheelchair and help him into it. I push him, Abby pushes the shopping cart, and Lizzy manages to mostly stay out of the way (thank you, ladies) and we get back out of the store. I get the van and bring it around.

Toe is getting throbby now - it's about quarter to four - and we take Abby to her sleepover and on the way home, L texts my mom to see if there is power. There is not, so we stop and this time L stays in the van like a good ouchie guy, while Lizzy and I go into the store and grab baked beans for Laston (they hadn't any at Costco), bagged ice to keep frozen and refrigerated stuff cold while the power is out, and a neat little thingy that will charge my phone from a couple of AA batteries. And cash so we can order pizza. Again, no power.

We get home, Laston takes a second relaxant, I put away what I can in the dark and call Pizza Hut (using his phone, natch). I usually order from PH online, so I think the unusually high price (about $8 more than I expected) is because I don't have my usual online coupons.

When the pizza gets here, about two minutes after the power comes back on - call it six-fifteen - I find out that when I asked for Lizzy's pizza, they thought I said medium pan pizza instead of personal pan pizza.


SO... at the moment all is well (though I am afraid to say so). We've paid off three major bills, stocked our pantry, moved house, and will get our business tomorrow for all the stuff I didn't get in the whirlwind trip into the grocery store - tomatoes, and band-aids and a few other things we didn't need six dozen of at Costco. I intend to spend Sunday cooking and supervising the girls and finishing the paper I didn't get to today, only leaving the house to get Abby at her sleepover.

Plus I'd like to get a couple not-Costco-sized bottles of ibuprofen that the hubs and I can take to our respective workplaces Monday morning.

Oh, yeah, did I mention that he starts his new job Monday? on muscle relaxants? Wheeeee...