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Monday, January 6, 2014

Not Bad News, but Sad News

You can't say anything at all around Lizzy, because she is, well, kind of impossible. She heard my mother and me talking this weekend about how I was told the girls would be allowed to stay at their current elementary school after our move, as long as we provide transportation.

So Lizzy told her kindergarten teacher today that she isn't allowed to take the bus anymore, and the teacher investigated by taking Lizzy to the school office. They called me to verify and to tell me I needed to fill out forms post haste, I confirmed that we moved but that they could certainly take the bus today, and I clocked out and took a break to head up to the school and fill out the change of address forms.

And that's when the proverbial feces hit the revolving blades and splattered everywhere. Because apparently the school district's rules have changed because our district has such high enrollment this year, and our current school is closed. They have to change to the home school for our new place. Now.

But, I said, they're already in this school. How does it change the numbers for them to stay here until the end of the school year? The nice ladies in the office don't know, but it's not up to them. Do I have to move them like tomorrow, then? No, they can stay until the end of the week; then they have to move to their new home school.

There is nothing wrong with the new home school; Abby went there for kindergarten and we liked it just fine. But we're used to this school.


For crying out loud. Lizzy might be upset, but it's going to devastate Abby; she's the social one and she's been in this school since first grade (now in fifth). I thought we had until June for this transition and now we have to do it in five days.


So I speak with the kids' teachers and the school nurse, and then I head back to work.

Lizzy is a bit upset, apparently for two reasons: One: Abby is upset. Two, she hasn't had a chance to take Dazzle the Dolphin home for the week. Sigh. Okay, we'll figure something out.

Abby is very upset - she's in that stage of preadolescence where friendship bracelets and pinkie swearing and giggled secrets are the most important things in the universe, and she's especially close to the two friends she took to her birthday movie with her - and they're in her class. Yes, of course she can have playdates and stuff with them, but it's just not the same.

So yes, we have some major upset going on here, I have to enroll them in the other school tomorrow, and I think I should take them to school on Monday if I can swing it. In the meantime, their teachers have offered to help with transitioning, and that's lovely.

Maybe Lizzy will be allowed to be in morning kindergarten...