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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Not Just A Bikini Hut

I am not as a rule a fan of the bikini hut style of coffee stand.

Don't get me wrong; I'm all for using whatever you've got as a sales technique, and more power to you, but in general I find the 'bikini hut' just... distasteful. I mean, I'll go if they have good coffee and they're on my way, but I wouldn't bring my kids with me, you know?

But Cafe Lorraine is in fact different.

The bikinis (which are usually not bikinis; they are usually more along the lines of sexy-Halloween-costume) are a draw, I'm sure, if you like that sort of thing. But I'm a straight female, and I don't really care what they wear except that I can appreciate it as a good sales tactic.

What I like about this particular drive-through (aside from the convenience) is the customer service. The women who run this shop remember that I will occasionally risk the cream cheese but that often I want peanut butter on my bagel. They recall that Lizzy has no front teeth right now, even though they've only seen her once since she lost them. They know - thought they've only met her a couple times - that Abby is both allergic to nuts and something of an expert on the topic of girl scout cookie flavors. They can usually guess if I want my giant-iced-tea-with-two-raw-sugars, or if I'd like the special of the day made with soy milk (and they remember that I do not care for white chocolate or macadamia nut). They asked me this morning if my bruises were healing (yes) and my bronchitis was better (slooowly getting there).

And they make good coffee.

Friendly people with good customer service skills who make good coffee is the important part.

That they do it all while wearing police-themed Daisy Dukes is kind of beside the point for me.