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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saved by the Postcard

There has been a fair bit of pre-adolescent angst here this evening, as two of Abby's besties now loathe each other. One of them moved to a different area of town and moved up to Jr. High, and the other feels bereft and put upon and like the older girl doesn't like her any more. Abby is a kind-hearted soul (aside from her sometime attitude toward her little sister) and although she has probably never heard the phrase, she's a rather 'go along to get along' sort of person.

Like her mother.

Mind you, these are not the besties who spent all last winter fighting over who got to play with Abby, nor are they the ones who have moved away.

Abby is a social creature, and it hurts her when her friends dislike each other. She feels (and often is) caught in the middle.

However, there was a ray of hope today, in the form of the postcard we got from the school with Abby's class assignment (Lizzy's isn't here yet, which I suspect is because, as a kindergartner, she's a new student rather than a returning one. But I digress).

Because Abby's real bestie, the one she worked at seeing this summer even though we live outside of walking distance? She's in the same class as Abby is this year.

I'd better warn the teacher.