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Monday, August 26, 2013

The Silver Lining

I am jobless, as you know. And this is my last week of school for this class. These two things work together to mean that I have more time than usual to do said school work, as well as things like going myself to school orientation for the kids, trips to the zoo, etc., rather than my mom taking them alone.

It also gives me time to do things like renting a storage unit to get ready for our move in the fall, arranging for school supplies and clothes (though Abby's dad does a lot of hers) and hanging out with the kids. Chasing down why Abby gets "head-explody feelings when I read for more than half an hour" (I think it's eye strain; we'll see what happens when we get her new glasses, for which I now have a prescription). Signing Lizzy up for Daisy Scouts, signing Abby up for art lessons (if they ever call me back), checking a website to see if Abby is, in fact, dyslexic (she says that she can't focus on the end of a word because her eyes jump to the next word). Setting up Lizzy's Hello Kitty Birthday Party At The Park.

And watching Abby's friend Kiki play Mario and Luigi both, because she can just get further than Abby can.

So there are silver linings.

But I'd rather have a great job I can keep for a long time.