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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Missed Milestone

Today Abby and Lizzy went in for their annual well-child checks.

And I did not. This gives me a sad.

Grandma took them, armed with a note in my best HIPPA-ese, to the effect that she has permission to make any and all medical decisions but if they have a question, they should call me. She is already listed as cleared for this in their files, because she is their child care provider, but I thought it best to cover all bases.

They're a pretty healthy pair, Abby's allergies notwithstanding.

They're both dead on average for height, and a bit over where the doctor wants them in weight (Lizzy less so than Abby; she never stops moving). So, in correct Hufflepuff fashion, Grandma and Abby are making a chart of favorite foods and determining which of the offenders should be eaten when. Cutting down on processed carbs and fats, essentially, (one egg and one slice of bacon and one slice of toast instead of two, for instance) but because they are who they are (I come by it honestly, although I'm better with bulleted lists), this is best accomplished by making a chart to keep track of it all.

Lizzy's tendency to walk pigeon-toed is apparently not bad enough to require correction, much as the eye doctor said about Abby's slightly lazy eye yesterday.

Happy, healthy, generally civilized kids. Yay!

EDIT: Although they don't actively test reading level at the family doctor, Lizzy was reading to Grandma while the doc checked Abby out. Lizzy's reading level is above kindergarten, which (given two years of pre-K and her sixth birthday being the second day of kindergarten this year) is not surprising. The doctor also asked Lizzy to draw a picture of a person. They look for at least five features in the picture, to see where the kid is in observation skills and the ability to hold a pencil correctly and that sort of thing. Lizzy's had fifteen. Smart little girl, with enormously helpful big sister-teachers!

They both have excellent hearing, so I guess the issue there is more selective hearing on their parts. Which is totally normal, especially for Abby's pre-adolescent age group. They both have great distance vision (Abby's glasses being for close work).Clearly, Abby's enormous organizational skills (as noted above with the food chart) will serve her well in fifth grade; it's apparently a lot more intensive than fourth these days. Thank goodness for Grandma, homework goddess!