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Monday, August 12, 2013

Abbyless Lizzy

Even though Abby goes to her father's house every other weekend, it's always a bit strange when Abby is gone for more than that two-day stretch. Late Sunday afternoon Lizzy got all antsy - just couldn't keep herself from jumping all over the place, singing, yelling, etc. This is fairly common for Lizzy anyway, but it seemed worse than usual. Of course, that might also have been the cake.

You see, Leanna turned thirteen this weekend (good lord, a teenager, where does the time go?) and so there was cake. Leanna's mom and good folk of the Fred Meyer bakery designed this 'elements cake' and Lizzy had a big piece. Leanna, being Leanna, also got herself a number of video games, some clothes, and makeup (holy cow, makeup, where does the time go?). And we're not done, of course, that's how we roll; we draw out birthdays as long as possible.

Anyway, Abbyless Lizzy gets a little squirrely. And she starts to sing. In the car, and - because she is Abbyless - she doesn't get interrupted, or get a pre-adolescent eye-roll because Abby is so much more sophisticated than nearly-six Lizzy. Today's song went like this:

This is a song about being
alone in the car
well, in the back seat
'cause Mom's in the front.

This is a song about the
stickers on my window.
The unicorn Leanna put there
before I was borned

And two Freddy Bears
and one Letter L
and one that's bright orange
and says, 'thank you for sho-opping wiiiith uuuuuusssss.'

This is a song about the
stickers on my window.
And this is the end
of my song.

This is in fact a typical song for Lizzy, just longer than most because without other kids there she is free to continue without big-sisterly ridicule.

And hoo boy, Leanna's birthday has passed; that means I have to start planning Lizzy's. With the Hello Kitty theme and - apparently - two cakes, one banana, one chocolate (because my mom's neighbor, one of Lizzy's favorite adults, likes banana, and Abby does not).

Even when she's Abbyless, Lizzy thinks of Abby...