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Friday, August 30, 2013

Hot, Cranky, and Full of WIN

Whew! Busy couple of days, even by my standards.

Thursday was the elementary school Meet-n-Greet, and we managed to also get haircuts for all three of us, go out to lunch (where Lizzy actually ate sushi with protein), and to hook up with the "only boy who doesn't chase... unless a girl asks him to," from Lizzy's pre-K; they are not in the same class in kindy, but they are in the same school. He and his little sister are now invited to Lizzy's Hello Kitty Birthday Party in the Park on Sunday the 8th, and she was thrilled that she found him. Lizzy's teacher is young but clearly knows exactly what she is doing, and is extremely understanding about things like birthdays on the second day of school.

Abby's teacher seems a kindred spirit; she had a Shel Silverstein poem posted on her classroom door.


If you are a dreamer, come in.
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer . . .
If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire,
For we have some flax golden tales to spin.
Come in!
Come in!

Nats goes girly
And then (and THEN) today we went to the fair. After an early morning job interview for which I may have been underdressed, since I don't own a lot of business professional. My mother suggested that the two younger ones (Abbs and Liz) and she go to the fair all the way back before I got let go from my job (as she is my child care provider, and if I was working right now she would've had them with her all day anyway), and since I am not working, invited me along as another adult to split the chasing around duties. It was canned-food-drive-admission day, so we got in for three cans each (none for Liz because she's under six for another week). She also had the stellar idea of Abby and Lizzy each bringing a friend (and Lizzy the friend's mom, since they are little), as last year Abby started really getting cranky about having to go on "baby rides" with Lizzy when she wanted to try big ones (and most of them I won't go on with her; I don't do upside down). Now, Abby's friend Kiki is a very responsible girl, a couple years older than Abby and mature for that age, as well as possessing her own cell phone. So (with her dad's approval) we arranged for the big girls to play on the big rides (and check in by call or text every half hour) and Lizzy and her little friend to stay at the little kid rides with me and mom and the friend's mom.

Two regrets on this day: It would have been nice if we could've brought more kids, but sheesh - this was busy enough, we didn't have enough room in cars, and the only other kids we thought might like it live near enough that we thought they had already gone. And also, Abby is now too big for pony rides, which gives me (and her father) a sad.

And Miz Liz rides the water dragon
So the kids are overexcited, oversugared, and overtired (Abbs had a meltdown over who owned a given toy she and Kiki won in a joint game, and Lizzy was that child in the grocery store).

The moms and the grandma are sunburned, hot, and cranky.

There's a lot to do the rest of this weekend; I have two papers to write, Laston is taking Leanna for the last of her school supplies and a little "them time" (I think maybe movies?) as they missed the fair, and all three girls have manicure appointments Sunday afternoon. Plus the usual stuff - laundry and all that - and I should pack Abby a lunch for Tuesday and set out Abby's and Lizzy's First Day Of School clothes, and... you get the idea. But we had fun. Next year we're bringing our own food though; fair food is super-spendy.

Except for scones.