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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fandom is a Funny Thing

Abby's friend - we'll call her Sara as I don't have permission from her parents to use her name - is over today. Generally Sara is quiet when she's around us, although I gather she's not when she and Abby play at her house.

But not today.

Today she's making my kids (and me) look quiet and shy and retiring by comparison and it's kind of unreal.

You see, we found her fandom.

For Abby (and me) it's Doctor Who and associated media (except Torchwood; Abby is too young for that). Lizzy has a My Little Pony fandom, we all like The Powerpuff Girls and Phineas and Ferb, even +Laston Kirkland.

Sara apparently is in love with Link.

You see, Abby and Sara are playing Super Smash Brothers' Brawl, a game where various Nintendo characters fight each other. Sara is babbling - hard and loudly - about how the costumes are the wrong color but oh that must be because there isn't a green team and green is the color that Link usually wears, so his clothes in this game are blue or maybe red depending on the team.

If she has paused for breath, I haven't noticed.

She keeps interrupting herself to remark that wow, she's talking a lot and she doesn't usually talk this much but she really (really really) loves all the characters in this game, even if they are wearing the wrong colors and oh, she's so glad her cousin recommended it and that we have a copy and she could come over every week if we'd let her, just to play.

All of this with preadolescent italics every other word.

It's funny.