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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Unexpected Treasure

I've written of books before, in several different posts, including one full-on review.

But this is different.

A book showed up in here a month ago, just before Norwescon, so it wasn't there that we got it. +Laston Kirkland thought I bought it, and I thought he did, and so neither of us read it, each thinking the other wanted first crack at it.

This morning I read the first chapter. It appears to be a darkish fairy tale of the High Fantasy variety. I like those.

And I am hooked. Utterly and completely hooked, and I can't wait for the Hubs to get home so I can settle into a bubble bath with this book and read more (it being impossible to do so with children in the house unless there is another adult here).

So, curious as to where we got this book, I checked out the author's name. Hmm... R.J. Atman... now why does that sound familiar? Check the Acknowledgements. Hey, the author mentions Google Plus! Whoa, it's +Rebecca Atman! I know her!

It's not on my Orders list from Amazon though. I wonder where it came from?