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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dragging Out my Political Soapbox


Because I really think this Congress is, well... stupid. And more importantly, they think we are.

In the past few months it's been especially evident; they would rather have a pissing contest their own childish way than to do the job we pay them for... representing us.

Government shutdowns like the one up in that link up there. Tens or hundreds of thousands of people out of work, and some of them still suffering from things like Sandy Hook or hurricane damage.

Sequestrations that cause government workers - not the Congress itself of course; they get their money no matter how incompetent they are - to lose work and pay. And people in disaster zones to have less help. And people on aid to lose some of that aid; when a person on medicaid can no longer have the medication that keeps them stable because their government is playing one-upmanship games with their lives, what happens to them?

Now, I'm not going to get deep into the gun control debate; I have used guns, I have shot them and cleaned them and learned how not to get shot by them. I'm not a fan of firearms, but I know how they work and I'm not afraid of them either, thanks to my ex-husband.

But while this Congress won't pass a law that really says nothing more than "we want to know who you are before you buy a gun," (they claim it violates the 2nd amendment, which it doesn't), they will pass a law that violates the 4th (and maybe the 1st, depending on how much of your internet use you classify as "free speech").

Because... what? Because they want to make a statement that they don't like the current President? We got that, we understand it. Move on.

It's certainly not for an actual logical reason.

My ten-year-old is more socially mature than this bunch. Sometimes even my five-year-old is.

Now I realize that this sort of crap has happened since the beginning, and people have been noting it since them. It may just be the evil Internet that CISPA is trying to regulate throttle that makes it so obvious to me in the now.

But really, guys, it's getting way past ridiculous and into the realm of farce. Stop it.