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Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Lack of Breath Disturbs Me

But it disturbs my mom more.

Yes, I am 44 years old. I have been living on my own for about half my life. But she's still my momma, and when she hears me gasping, she gently bullies me into going to the doctor.

The doctor who says, "Yes, looks like Asthmatic Bronchitis again. Here, take these."

I used to get sinus infections several times a year, until they removed the Teeth of Doom. I have not had one in over a year and a half.

Now they all go south.

As far as the doctor knows, I don't have bacterial bronchitis, much less pneumonia (again). But when I get Abby's cold (again), and it moves into my chest (again), they like to play it safe, especially because they gave me prednisone (which apparently can make one more susceptible to infection).

But I think that breathing is kind of important, and the doctor agrees, so prednisone it is.

I likely won't be sleeping tonight; prednisone does that to me. It also causes hot flashes. Whee.

On the other hand, between the prednisone and the coffee and the nebulizer treatment, I feel very, very alert.

Again whee.