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Monday, May 6, 2013

Oh, For the Love Of... (a Monday in the Life)

Seriously? Monday is kicking my butt.

Abby has a tummy ache. She's at Grandma's.

It's alder pollen season. This is never good. And, in fact, has caused (through violent sneezing) another Ood Eye Incident. Other eye this time, just for the variety, I suppose.

My new phone - only a month old, because the last one (a different brand) went kablooey in a slightly different, no-charging way - has well... gone kablooey. Will not power on. Yes, I have tried plugging it in to different outlets, with different chargers, tried all the funny little tricks (like hold-down-the-power-and-volume-down-buttons), gone through all the troubleshooting steps with the chat agent at AT&T. She says I need a warranty exchange. Fine. None of my local stores can do that; I have to go to the service center in Tukwila (other end of Seattle from my home, not too far from my work). Which only has the phone in a different color. Now, I would rather have the blue they have there, actually, but we're not sure they'll do a warranty exchange for anything but the exact same phone, including color. "You can call them," says the very nice lady at AT&T.

Um, yeah. No.

I was rude to her; my online "tone" was definitely snarky when I asked her how I would do that. With no phone. But I did apologize, and she offered to call them for me.

Keep in mind that all this - including this blog post - is done piecemeal while waiting for various things to save or load at work. A day I am grateful that our system is a bit slow.

Just got a note from Grandma; Abby is feeling a bit better after using the bathroom. Looks like just Tummy Troubles like she had at her dad's over the weekend.

Yeah, service center doesn't open for another 15 minutes. Of course. Why not? Add it to the pile.

None of this would bug me quite so much if I wasn't expecting a phone call from a person I have no other way of getting in touch with, to - say - ask him to email me instead. Or if my gas tank wasn't nearly empty and the bank I use to get money for gas in the opposite direction from the service center in question.

Heh - I found some info faster than the chat agent. She says I'm the Google Goddess. Technically, as it's a Windows Phone, I should probably be a Bingmaster, but, well...

Lovely chat agent very kindly stayed in chat until the service center opened so she could call them. Yeah, no, they don't support the greeny-yellow one. Well, dang. I need it as soon as I can possibly get it. Chat agent is finding out whether a) expedited shipping can get it here by tomorrow and be charged to my phone bill, and b) whether it can be shipped somewhere other than my home (the address they have on file).

a = yes and no - they can get it here by tomorrow, but the expedited shipping cannot be paid out of my phone bill. I expected this, but one may hope. And expedited shipping isn't hugely expensive.

b = yes and no - they can't ship it to an AT&T store, but they can ship it to my mom, also my babysitter, who I see every weekday and who is home (with my youngest) most of the day.

Still fixing bugs and staging new content and putting things live, and then checking with the chat agent every time something takes a bit to load or save.

Taking lunch early to get my ducks in a row.

And then (ANNND THEN!) we're green for go. Replacement phone going to be delivered via USPS Next Day to my mom, tomorrow. Lovely NatureBox shipment shipped and with luck it will get here before our trip this weekend. Travelling ducks in a pretty row. The only things left is to try to find alternate contact information for the call I'm expecting, to ask him to contact me via email instead.

And I don't have to drive to Tukwila.