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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Everything!

Weekends don't get a lot busier than this one. Last year near this time we went to +Laston Kirkland's parents' place in southeastern Washington for a medical emergency. There wasn't a lot of time to plan that trip, but in a lot of ways it was much simpler, because I wasn't working.
Auntie Laura, Uncle Brian, Grandpa Joe, Grandma Dianna
Me, Abby, Laston, Leanna, and Lizzy

This time it was their anniversary. Their fiftieth anniversary. On Mothers' Day, as it turned out.

The last time I saw the extended family I was about seven months pregnant with Miz Liz, so nearly six years ago. We didn't bring the kids with us that time (except Lizzy in utero of course) and I got sunburned terribly, because - as I was pregnant at the time - nobody would let me do anything for myself. I spent the whole time outdoors in a big floppy hat and maternity shorts and top.

This time the sunburn was minimal - the back of Abby's neck and Leanna's nose - which is a Good Thing, because holy cow. 98F in May.

Seattleites are not equipped for this.

We got to our hotel - we don't as a rule stay in the house, but it's a small town - around 10:30 Friday night. The girls had napped in the car so I put Lizzy to bed in the bedroom of our family suite, and the older two lay on the hide-a-bed and watched Disney. I checked my email and my school stuff - Monday the 13th is the last day of this term - and everything was dandy, so I went to bed while the Hubs watched a movie on his Nook.

In the morning my laptop screen would not come on. We could hear the fan, it made all the proper noises. Just no picture. And this isn't the first time. Now, we are troubleshooters, so we tried several things. No dice.

And I still have a paper and a worksheet due on Monday by midnight - I did my part of the group paper before we left. Worked on Grandpa Joe's computer a bit, but all my existing stuff - the paper and the worksheet I'm working on - is on this laptop and his monitor cable doesn't fit.

I resign myself to borrowing the kids' computer or something, but at least I can keep up with the daily questions in the meantime.

We got home, after being on the road for seven hours, and my computer works fine.

Oh for crying out loud.