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Friday, May 17, 2013


To most people, this initialism (a form of acronym, although my grammar-Nazi brain wants to say they are different things, but I digress) means either Personal Computer (if you're a computer geek) or Politically Correct (if you're a conspiracy theorist who believes that calling people what they want to be called is stupid follower of political news. There's a difference between politically correct and polite, but - again - I digress). To me it also means Phoenix Connect (the University of Phoenix' online forums) and - as I discovered today - Perfect Chinese.

Because it is.

I mean, my favorite won ton soup is still Chan's Place. But P.C. Restaurant has excellent hot-n-sour soup, so when Lizzy wanted "Girls' Night Out With Mommy at a Restauronk with Chinese Chicken... but not sushi," I indulged her. She's been missing Alone Time With Mommy since I've been working at the other end of town.

I justified it to myself by saying the doctor did suggest I have spicy and/or steamy stuff to clear out the bronchial crud. It's not terribly expensive as Chinese food goes, and as I said, their hot-and-sour soup is great. So is their General Tso's chicken. Lizzy liked the "Chinese" (by which she means "sweet and sour") chicken, and their pork fried rice was good too. We've eaten there before, but only their delivery menu, which is slightly different.

Abby - round pale face, pigtails
AbbyDoll - round,pale face, pigtails
Lizzy and AbbyDoll
So we did that, and then we got home and in our jim-jams. Lizzy has new ones, given to her by Gramma Dianna last weekend. The very coolest part of these jammies to Lizzy is that they have a matching nightgown for a doll, and so she put that on AbbyDoll (so named because... well, you can see the resemblance for yourself).

Not a bad end for a day that started with Abby musing aloud about how nice it would be if school had a snooze button.