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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What a Week Already!

Haven't been blogging much, because I am blogging for a living, and I just don't feel like it when I get home from work. I had planned on blogging last night but... well... keep reading.

I'm home today, because what with one thing and another, nobody feels very well. Nothing dire this time, I promise; just late-winter cold symptoms plus... well... keep reading.

Customer's house matches
her coat!
Thank you for supporting
the Girl Scouts
of Western Washington!
Saturday Abby and I spent Being Girl Scouts. We delivered to several preorders and then spent two hours outside a Safeway with a sister scout selling cookies. It was cold and damp and the end of the day and quite honestly, I think the girls held up better than the supervising moms did! They get squirrelly by the end of a site sale, but the parents just get cranky when we have to recount the money again because our fingers are cold and stiff.

Sunday was nice.

Monday was acceptable. For a Monday. But everyone has the sniffles now.

The canteen
makes the
And then there was Tuesday. It's good to start, although Lizzy feels like crap apparently. She makes it to school in the afternoon but she spent the whole morning exhausted on Grandma's couch. Cold, growth spurt, fatigue, who knows. She still looks kind of wiped out and a little pale when we head to Abby's play. The fifth grade at Abby's school is putting on The Adventures of Lewis and Clark - The Musical and Abby is Soldier #1. It was cute, and really funny in spots (Clark was particularly hilarious) and touching in others (the Native Americans singing "This is Our Home," especially). At one point the lights faded and the microphones cut out for a moment, but it's windy, so no big deal.

And then I get a text from my mom (on silent; I'm a responsible audience member, but I notice because my phone is out taking that picture up there. No more pictures; I don't post other kids' pix without parental permission) saying that the power is out. After the play I get a call from +Laston Kirkland saying the road is blocked off and he can't get home.


After several phone calls back and forth, Laston gets home, and tells me to tell the firefighters blocking the road what road we live on, so they'll let us through. Turns out someone took out a power pole (which in turn took out some others on either side) and we have live wires down on the main drag near our road but not on it. Lovely.

Lizzy's still not used to sleeping without her sisters, at least not in the dark, and so Laston goes to bed and the three girls (me, Liz, and Abbs) in residence tonight sack out on the couch together. Which means I sleep on one recliner end with Lizzy drooling down my neck).

Power comes back on at 7:40 this morning, but we're staying home with the now-worsened sniffles. No sense in getting everyone else sick, right? I expect we'll spend the day watching Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins (hey, at least we've moved on from Blue's Clues) and finally assembling Lizzy's headboard.

Mushroom meatballs over rice for dinner, honey.