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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Please Try Our Cookies

Miz Liz and Miss Leanna stayed at home with dad today while Abby and I had our second foray into cookie site sales for the season. But first we got our nails done. Abby's thumbnails are too small for the Girl Scout logo, but mine aren't.

Same sales partners (but we were all in a better mood this time) and a better venue, I think. Abby made up a couple new songs:

Girl Scout Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies,
Eat 'em by the bunch, eat 'em by the bunch,
They are good for breakfast, they are good for dinner,
And for lunch, and for lunch.

And her Girl Scout take on the LEGO Movie:

Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you sell as a team!
Everything is awesome, when we're eating our dream.

And the one from last year:

Cookie time, when the Girl Scouts are busy,
Cookie time, in the spring of the year,
Cookie time, when the Scouts sell their cookies,
Cookie time, it's just once every year.

So, folks, remember: