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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The _____ makes me _____

Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? Or Apples to Apples? The first is like a rated R - or even X - version of the second. Most of the words themselves are okay, but the combinations are absolutely terrible. And hilarious to the point where - once again - I needed my asthma inhaler from laughing so hard.  When the least offensive answer to the "What's that smell?" card is the name of a political party, it's a pretty bad situation.

I loved every minute of it, and my ribs still ache from laughing so hard, almost 48 hours later.

We didn't play with the kids in the room, of course, which decision was made simple, because Abby had a friend Angie over for a sleepover in her room, and Lizzy had Nat, elder daughter of two of our best gaming friends, with whom (and two more friends as well) we were making such terrible combinations as Q: "Why am I sticky?" A: "Muscular thighs" in the dining room. And worse.

Far, far worse.

Anyway, Nat's parents and baby sister and the other two friends left around eleven, and we got down to the serious business of sleepovers. Which for the older two - 11yo Abby and nearly-nine Angie - doesn't actually involve sleeping. For Nat (7.5) and Lizzy (6.5) it does involve actual sleep, but for about half as long as they actually need. Which is why we had zombies at breakfast: And how one child (Angie) accidentally bought a movie on our cable, because she just kept clicking OK. Laston told her and Abby that they'd have to pay him back the $4.99 and while I'm not certain whether he simply intended to put the fear of God into them so it wouldn't happen again, Angie at lest took him seriously. This is important later in this post.

Poor Lizzy kept complaining that there was no-one to feed her and her arms were too tired to lift them. So after the other girls went home (Nat's parents came to pick her up but Angie lives close enough that Abby could walk her home), we ran some errands, which resulted in this about halfway through:

And then today, we got up late - sleeping off the Sleepover Hangover - and did laundry and cooking and my schoolwork and packed for Abby's camp next week. At one point my mom took Abby to get some rain boots for said camp, and Angie came in to sk if she and Lizzy could start a lemonade stand. Um... okay, if you have some lemonade. Well, Angie's mom has Kool-Aid, and I have sugar and a pitcher, and they sat outside selling Kool-Aid all day, for ten cents a cup. I gather that Angie wants to use her share to pay Laston for the oops-bought-a-movie. I wonder if he'll accept it.