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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Never Do This...

...but I am today.

I have only asked for prayers / woo-woo / good thoughts on a friend's behalf once before on this blog. I'm not talking about the think-good-thoughts stuff I send out now and again about the kids, like when Leanna got her tonsils out. I'm talking about the big stuff.

Picture taken from Wikipedia Commons
I'm talking about last weekend's mudslide in Oso, WA.

I knew about it, of course; you could hardly miss it.

We got nice emails from family members in other states asking if we were okay (Snohomish County is about 55 miles from top to bottom and we're at opposite borders, but they didn't know that).

I heard about it over and over again on the news, especially as our local public radio station is having their pledge drive this week.

It was tragic, and a tiny bit creepy, a la Mt St Helens 34 years ago this May. But it didn't touch me, as I don't know anyone who lives or works up there, so I was a step removed, you know?

Or so I thought.

Don't get me wrong, my friends who do live up there - I always thought of it as Darrington rather than Oso, and the last time I saw them on their own turf was over ten years ago, so it did not connect for me - they're fine. The leading edge of the slide brushed their driveway but their house is safe.

But that's when it hit home for me. These friends, who have been very close friends in times past and now are friends we see a couple times a year, have lost neighbors. Their teenage kids have lost friends. They're helping with Search and Rescue in their own backyard.

So if you have any spare woo-woo, or prayers, or even good thoughts, send it up Oso way for me, would you?