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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jenn Becomes a Luddite

You may know that we here at Chez Gamers' Babes are fairly electron-savvy. We love our tech. We read and watch science-fiction, the Hubs is a science geek, we game, we have umpteen electronic gadgets, and we're fairly comfy with them. Comfy with the kids using them too; as long as Lizzy's not sticking things in electrical sockets we're good.

So I was a little shocked at myself in the aisle at Target today, when I heard these words come out of my mouth: "Aren't there any toys that don't require batteries anymore?" (and no, not those kinds of toys; stop that.)

All this while trying to find Viewmaster slide reels for Lizzy, who is going to Grandma's Condo with Abby and Grandma and some cousins early next week. But apparently Toys-R-Us has them so I'll get some tomorrow. Until then I shall grit my teeth and persevere.

Speaking of which, I can now bite! Permanent bridge and my teeth all like connect in the middle! I can chew! It's freaking amazing. They even look like real teeth, and I think they feel like real teeth; it's hard to tell because it's been almost a year since I had teeth there. Bizarre feeling. Now all we have left to put in is a partial "flexi-plast" bridge on the lower left, because there's a spot in the back that needs a tooth there and because it's in the back there's nothing to anchor a regular bridge too. So this thing is rather like the retainer one gets after braces have been removed, except with a tooth or two attached.

Then it'll just be regular cleanings and probably a night-guard. Won't that be cool?