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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Plot Thickens

Yeah, so between shoveling out my apartment (we've decided not to move this year unless we find an excellent deal in the next two weeks and this place is Too Small for us and All Our Stuff. So Some Of Our Stuff is leaving.). Between that and Math of Doom, I'm not having the emotional energy to blog daily. So unless something momentous happens, I'll be blogging Sundays after my math is done for the week, UofP weeks being Monday through Sunday. I'll even put it on my List.

So... this week, let's see... 

Went to a job fair - tiny one - at the UofP Bellevue campus. Not many recruiters, but it's nice to have corroboration that I'm doing the resumes and networking right.

Went to see Spiderman with the spouse (it was Amazing! No, really it was. Managed a (light) Queens accent and everything. Peter Parker at his most adorkable.)

Got a sore ankle - feels like a light sprain - that I don't remember actually injuring. Always fun. Given that Lizzy treats me like a climbing tree, it's probably not surprising though.

Abby going to a series of sleepovers with friends and - being nine - never being satisfied with that and wanting more.

Oh! Had a Game Night with some of our best gaming friends. Our game nights have gone by the wayside, for several reasons, not the least of which was that all of the usual suspects are in school with different schedules, and that Lizzy becomes a whinybutt Klingon when she doesn't have kids her own age to play with. But this particular set of friends invited us over, and their oldest child is Lizzy's BFF, so circumstances were just about perfect. Any game night in which one laughs enough to require one's inhaler is a good game night.