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Sunday, June 12, 2016

This Can't Go On...

A Political Post™. Also a Cancer Post™, a Social Justice Post™, and what the hell, also an Asthma Post™.

Because, at least for me, there is a link between these topics.

You see, stress and anxiety are both asthma triggers for me.

And between Laston's cancer and all the associated issues, the 2016 US presidential election, horrific news stories about mass shootings and local teachers getting hit with hammers and senseless violence everywhere, and just the usual life-shit that happens, there is a lot of stress and anxiety in my life right now.

Oh, yes, also an Obscene Post™ (because profanity is a different beast, although there may be some of that too).

I'm... tired. Just tired. There is too much shit going down in my world and that of people I care about, and hence... asthma attack. Two big ones in as many weeks.

I suspect today's was triggered by the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting, or if not the shooting itself, then the shameful reaction by anyone sitting in his holier-than-thou tower and saying it was justified because they were gay or wrong or sinners.

That the shooter has a Muslim name just makes them even smugger.

Christians my ass. This is not Christian behavior. This is the behavior of stupid and small little people who think that their own squick factor overrides human decency. It really is that simple.

My eight-year-old knows this. And she's not even a churchgoer; she has just been brought up on basic decent and mostly-kind behavior. Ditto my thirteen-year-old, perhaps even moreso, as she has more social skills.

Be kind and decent to people. All people, not only the ones in your short-sighted little tribe. That's all it is. Live by the goddamn Thumper Principle. Or the Golden Rule. Or Karma or the Rule of Three, or whatever your belief system calls the Being a Decent Human Being Rule.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a dose of last spring's leftover cough syrup and try to sleep off this asthma attack.