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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Chemotherapy Sucks

This is a Cancer Post™.

Or more specifically, a Chemotherapy Post™.

Laston's liver is not fond of the chemo - as those of you reading my Facebook and/or Google Plus posts are well aware - and yesterday was the second time in two weeks that it basically said, "Screw this; I'm done with trying to filter. Someone else do it for a change."

So now Laston is in the hospital, and he's had a ton (well, five liters) of random fluid drained from his abdomen, and they will probably drain more (they don't want to do it all at once if it's more than four or five liters because that can cause blood pressure to plummet through the floor).

He's feeling pretty good at the moment, and his mom, aunt, and a couple cousins are in town to visit him. We spent a few hours at the hospital with him this morning, then went to lunch, and then came home to visit (and to receive Grandma Dianna Goodies™, which come whenever she does; this time we got some patio furniture and a couple of end tables).

The inlaws are going to go get Leanna so she can visit her dad in the hospital too, and then after that hossy visit, Leanna and the inlaws are going to retire to their hotel, while Abby & Lizzy & I come back here.

Thank Google for family, United Health Care, the Family Medical Leave Act, and my immediate supervisor, who sent me this, because he knows my new mantra.

So we'll keep swimming...