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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Love Them

So we know that I do not grok algebra (aka MATH 116). I've been trying and failing at it for three weeks, which in and of itself is frustrating enough, but it's starting to affect other things, like my other class (the way cool XCOM 200 - Interpersonal Communications) and my blog and so forth.

I want to keep that A- average I have going, thank you very much.

There was some indignation on my behalf on Google Plus yesterday, as my friends felt that it was unfair of the University of Phoenix to dump me into algebra without testing me. Today I found out why... they don't actually have a more basic math class.

What they do have is faculty that really wants to help me. So they have arranged for me to drop MATH 116 for now, and to take it again next session by itself so it does not affect other classes and then (Annnnnnnnnd THEN (1:30, trust me)...) they're getting me and the ADA people together because this is a documented disability (all I have to do is find the documentation, and my biggest support person always - my mom - is on top of that).

The only negative about this is that it pushes my graduation date out. Does not affect my student loans.

So yeah, loving the UofP today.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have a cathartic little crying jag. Of relief.