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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wow - Growing Up

Brownie Abby and Leader
Abby isn't a Brownie Scout anymore.

Because she's a Junior Girl Scout.

Good god.

She was a little girl five minutes ago.

No, wait, that was from one of the episodes of Doctor Who we watched last week.
Junior Abby and Leader

She's going to be in fourth grade in less than four months.

She'll be ten years old in less than seven.

Holy crap.

Please excuse me while I have a minor mommy meltdown.

They were lovely, by the way... nearly a dozen little girls (yes, I said little girls) singing songs and reciting the Girl Scout Promise and displaying the Color Guard and earning badges (and new green sashes) and certificates for perfect attendance. In a dripping drizzle in Seattle, because that's how it works - delightful summery weather for the week before the outside event and then... Seattle. An ice-cream social and little (yes, little, dammit) girls running in wet grass.